88 Model Management’s mission statement is to promote people’s value and sense of self-worth. Our models are charismatic, hard-working, loving and kind both towards themselves and the fashion industry. At 88 Model Management, we pride ourselves in being strong-rooted and confident. A flower never compares itself to the next, it blooms through its individuality.

Our passion and pleasure stem from striving to develop our models’ personality and charisma to enable them to fulfill their potential at a successful career. We make a point to focus on this “je-ne-sais-quoi” which makes them uniquely beautiful.

By asking nothing, but the very best from ourselves, we manage to enhance our personalities and strong will to stay chic, classy, cozy and forward-looking all the while.

We are zeroed in on providing our clients with a material aimed at expressing themselves and prospering with dignity and self-awareness. 88 Model Management were brought into this fashion universe and into the world as a whole to make a difference and strive for excellence.